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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Musings

This past Saturday was Adoption Saturday at the Polk County Courthouse. 37 children were welded to their permanent families. I sat in on a couple of my worker's adoptions, a fifteen year old boy, a seventeen year old girl. To say that I was moved by the leap of faith displayed by both the families and the children would be a gross understatement. How do you learn to trust when time after time the people who were supposed to be there for you were not? Also, no one from DHS was on the agenda for speaking so I was asked on Friday if I could say a few words. I did, the words came fairly easily because they came from my heart. I am so blessed to work in the midst of the dedicated souls who make up the Adoption Unit and am awed constantly by the amazing children and families I have met during the course of my job duties. Thank you---you truly inspire me.

This is a little, tiny, small thing but I really enjoyed filling up my gas tank on my Sienna Van the other day and getting half a tank for around $16. Can you believe it? I think the price per gallon was $1.72. Amazing, I really do think there is something pretty crazy about a system where a barrel of oil can vacillate from $140 to $60 within 6 months. But I drove away with a smile. Hmmmmm.......the open road beckons.....

Here is a layout I completed recently. My friend, Colleen and several other friends from DHS went to the Obama rally held here in Des Moines just a few days before the election. Simon Estes sang the Star Bangled Banner. Does life get any better?

My heart goes out to my dear friend, Dot, who lost her mother this week. I was so honored to have had the opportunity to meet Mary Virginia, the family matriarch, last Fall. I wish peace to the family as they weep, remember, share, and celebrate the life of their mother.