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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lifetime Movies

The Lifetime Channel is showing movies of women with cancer this week end. One of my favorite movies was just on........"Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy". It's based on a true story and I loved this movie even before I found out I had cancer. Sarah Chalke does an excellent job portraying the roller coaster of emotions that are all part of the diagnosis, coming to terms with the diagnosis, going through surgery, recovery and the post operative treatment. For her wearing red lipstick to surgery was a form of courage, a statement that cancer was not going to vanquish her spirit. I also love the line about "I am the sky, nothing, not even cancer can stick to me". The movie gives me hope, brings a smile to my face, and I am reminded that cancer has given me new opportunities to reflect on what really matters to me. With the help of a friend, I found this movie on Ebay last year---now I can watch it whenever I need to rekindle my hope.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I guess I've been tagged and I'm not sure I completely understand the process, but I think it requires that I post again after almost a 1 month absence.

I devoted my September blog to recognizing and thanking those people whose support and love were definitely a healing agent for me in the past year. The problem is I have many more people that I would like to acknowledge so I guess I will devote November's blog to this same purpose. In the meantime I'll try to comply with the rules of the "tag".

1. My first job after I graduated from Iowa State University was being the "Key Lady" for the entire University. Literally, I handed out and had in my possession at work and key for every lock on campus.

2. I have run a marathon-the Drake Marathon. It was a goal I set for myself while going through a divorce. I thought it would keep me from drinking heavily. It did. I was too danged tired after all the training runs. After completing the run, I did immediately think, "This is good, I finished, now I never have to do this again." I actually did quite well finishing in 3 hours 54 minutes, I was the 13th woman out of 26 women. The top 10 women received medals, so I didn't quite get that but still achieved my goal.

3. John and I started on our journey as parents later in our lives than most people, but I am so glad that this is a part of our journey. Even though I now never have money, John and I don't take exotic vacations anymore, I still wouldn't trade this for much, much more money.

4. I love soccer. I never played it or watched it before my kids started playing it. Both played on Menace Select teams for several years and I LOVED every minute of it. The traveling to tournaments, the hanging out with the other parents, the smell of the grass on a nice spring day, the athleticism required to play the game. I really enjoy watching the game of soccer, whether it's my kids or a game on TV, and was overjoyed when the women won a gold medal at the recent Olympics. I hope to catch some MLS games live in my retirement years.

5. I have worked for the Iowa Department of Human Services for 25 years. How did this happen? I was a somewhat young person when I started. Now, look at me!! Although DHS is often under attack for things we either did or didn't do, I am proud to work for this agency. I would not have been able to stay, were it for the exceptional people that I work with. At this point I supervise the Adoption Unit for the Des Moines Service Area and am passionate about achieving better outcomes for our youth.

6. I LOVE Colleen Reinhardt and miss her so much. She had the nerve to be born before me, meaning that she was able to retire this past June and no longer sits next door to me. Colleen has that rare infectious laugh, that sometimes evolves into a snort, but nevertheless brings a smile to everyone around her hearing the melody of her laughter. We were always able to find humor in almost everything which is a good thing if you work at DHS. I'm not meaning to make light of the mission of DHS, but I am saying that working at such a job does require that you NOT lose your sense of humor or your ability to carry on will be diminished.