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Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day!

For those of us that are older than the hills, I always loved that Beautiful Day album cover of the 70's----it was so Maxfield Parrish-ish. I actually found a large, large, large poster of his Ecstacy Painting in the 80's that I still love. Anyway, today really is beautiful. It is almost the end of June in Iowa and I have only had to run the air conditioner a half dozen times. Amazing, so appreciated. I will have to share some of my flower pictures from May and June. I think some of the flowers I have had this year have been amazing!!

I went to an amazing workshop this week on Undoing Racism. The presenters, each of them, had such horrifying stories of vulnerability and abuse, I found myself cringing as these attacks upon humanity were exposed. It isn't like I was so naive as to think that these acts do not exist, but it never ceases to appall me the horrors of what others have lived through. I believe that each of us have a part of ourselves that was hurt or damaged by our fellow man, whether is was conscious or not, but I still know that I had a profoundly different life experience than one of my peers Abdul, and it was all because on the day of my birth I was given the birthright of being a white female and he was given the birthright of being a Black male. Injustice has always ired me, but I almost felt militant about the need for change following this workshop.

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