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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Actually, my inspiration for this post came from a very kind soul "Splat" who responded to my post about getting "The Call". I have now reviewed her entire Blog, "What Me, Worry" and just feel that this person must be my soul sister. So much of our experience has been so similar, our attitudes toward fighting the demon that has invaded us, even the "What Me, Worry" blog title. How could she know how Alfred E. Neuman and the great satirists and writers of MAD magazine, SNL, the Daily Show have profoundly affected my life in a more positive way than perhaps some of the best writers of ages. They made me laugh, laugh at me, at life and the ironies that are there everytime you turn around.

First off, Nat, I offer you the most heartfelt prayer that your current treatment (YAY no side effects!!) will shrink your mass and have you dancing in the streets this Spring/Summer. Although Des Moines Break the Silence walk does not happen until May 9th, I will be thinking of you this week end as you go on yours. Please think of me and my team---Team "Get her done!!!" on the 9th.

I especially love SPRING this year, like no other year. I have always loved spring since I have a May birthday and it meant presents and parties when I was a small fry, but this year everything seemed to be in technicolor----unbelieveably beautiful. I think it was partially due to the HORRIDLY long winter that Iowa endured this year, but also due to the gloom that recurrent chemotherapy sprinkled throughout my life. Last week when I was driving by the Waveland Golf Course, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of PROFOUND JOY that I was alive and could experience this day----the golf course was a color of green that we don't usually find in nature's palette. Like in the Wizard of Oz when the movie goes from Black and White to Technicolor, I thought I was there, in the World of Oz, magically lucky to be alive.

I have Oriental Poppies to plant, glasses of wine to be drunk, gastronomic feasts to be savored, photographs to be taken, soccer games to watch and Life to be Enjoyed. God Bless All, and may each day be a special day for all of you.

1 comment:

nat said...

Alfred E Neuman is my hero! :)

You know - I have a May birthday too - May 15. We have way too much in common!

Thanks for posting to my blog. It sounds like you are doing great! I hope that you start blogging again. You write very well.