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Friday, January 2, 2009

Liberated, New Word, and New Pic for 2009

First and foremost I feel free and liberated today. I returned to work on December 26 and have been on call during all my hours not at work since then. My on call ended at 8 AM this morning. It's not really how many calls that make it so taxing, it's all the evaluations of does this constitute child abuse or does it not---the decision-making takes its toll. I basically set myself up in our den, did not go anywhere since the 26th, just sat by my phone and waited. Today when I could go out today without it, I felt very liberated. Now, I'm just a little tired and backed up on all the stuff that did not get done this past week, but plan to fall asleep watching a movie today and go to bed early! (Exciting life I have!)

Secondly, I am choosing PEACE for my word for 2009. For me PEACE means the end of man's inhumanity to man on a global front (and no, I am not in contention for Miss America or any other such event!), and finding PEACE in my soul no matter what the circumstances are on a personal level. I hope to make a scrapbook this year exploring all the ways I find to bring peace to my soul and my heart.

Thirdly, I am posting a new picture which was taken this past December. It's been so long that I haven't had hair that the old picture seems like it was taken light years ago instead of last April. I have lots of hair now and lots of curls---I tried to calm those down a bit with the hat. There is a nostalgic feel for the hat I'm wearing as I wore it alot last winter when the cranium was bare.

Lastly, it was my very good fortune to connect to two women, Victoria and Sandee, at the Ovarian Cancer Conference in September. Since then we have become friends and have formed our own little support network. We go out to eat once a month, and celebrated December by having our nails done, too. For January we are planning a day at the spa together to celebrate the end of our chemotherapy. For Vicki and I, it will be one year. For Sandee it will be two years. Here is a picture from our December get together. In case you're wondering what we are doing with our hands, we are NOT groping Lady Liberty (w/a hamburger), we are trying to show off our nails.
And, lastly (Did I already say that? Now I mean absolutely lastly) I will miss seeing my Ames Area Scrapbooking friends tonight at the monthly get together. My energy level is down so I won't be joining you. Wishing you lots of fun and I will look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the February retreat!
I wish everyone the best of New Years! PEACE for your families and yourselves, health, and lots and lots of joy!


sweetpea324 said...

Great post, Joellyn, We'll miss you tonight, of course. Your picture is just beautiful. May you find peace everywhere.

Kristina said...

I love your new picture! and I think you picked a perfect word for YOU.

Mary Perry said...

Hey woman, WE missed you last night, but hopefully you snug as a bug.

Peace, may it always be yours. See you in Feb.

Love you,

Cheri said...

Peace is a very good word for the year...and I have to say it...I'm pretty sure you were showing off your nails AND groping Lady Liberty;) *snicker*