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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Days

It has been so long since I last posted. The summer is half over----boo! Karrah has graduated from high school, Layla attended the 3rd annual Pool Party for Dogs that our neighbors hold with John and I accompanying, my parents celebrated their 60th anniversary in southern, MN, I've completed 10 out of 25 radiation treatments. Life goes on indeed.

Here's a picture from Karrah's graduation:

Here's a picture of one of my asian lilies. I could barely count all the blooms it had this year:

Here is a picture from the Dog Birthday Pool Party. What a great time that was. I think you had to be a dog lover, though!

Here's a couple of pictures from my parents' 60th anniversary in southern MN. It was so much fun. All of my siblings were there as well as the majority of the grandkids. I rode the Cannon Valley bike trail from Cannon Falls into Redwing. 20 miles - YAY! Some really good food and enjoyable wine rounded out this week end.


Mary Perry said...

Joellyn, I so much love reading your posts, and the photos. I am sure Karrah's graduation was very bittersweet, they always are. Such a monumental occasion.

The doggy pool party sounds like a hoot. What fun that must be, just makes me giggle.

The photo of you and your parents is beautiful. Where was that taken, such a gorgeous backdrop?

Lady, you amaze me!!! All that is going on in your life wears me out, PLUS going thru your treatments. You truly are one of my life heroes. If ever there is anything that you need/want, please ask. It would make my day.

Kristina said...

You definitely have had your plate full lately! I'm glad we got together in June. We need to shoot for late August or September to get together again.

Your lillies are beautiful. I had asiatic lillies at my old home, but I've only planted day lilies where we are now...I may have to plant some..hmmm..

Hope your treatments are going well and that they aren't taking too much out of you.

Cheri said...

Happy graduation to Karrah! Such exciting times ahead:)

Oh the doggy party sounds like a blast...obviously we are dog lovers ;)

I hope I commented when I saw the anniversary photo elsewhere (Facebook maybe, can't remember)...but that was such a special trip, I'm so glad you were all able to make it!

You're in my thoughts often. I know you've had some side effects from the radiation and I hope things settle down back to normal after treatments are over. *hugs*

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Blue Belle said...

I hope you find the time to blog again; so many of us are touched by cancer. How are you doing these days. I was reading that you had more radiation treatments. Well either way I pray for a remission and I hope all the best for you!
- Jayne

Denise said...

Nice blog!

Another Ovarian cancer survivor